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Shuffle: A Balboa Story

January 25-27, 2019

Balboa Workshop with Peter Flahiff and Lauren Smith


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....

Peter Flahiff and Lauren Smith visited the Edmonton swing dance scene for a weekend workshop known to locals as "Spring Fling 2018". They taught many a student the ways of partnering, connection, and rhythm, challenging their bodies and minds with dance exercises, and imparting their vast knowledge of all styles of swing. Wowed by their impressive skills with a dance shoe, Hit That Jive travelled across the galaxy to find these Swing Dance Jedi, so that they may teach Edmonton the ways of Balboa. 

Accepting the offer, Masters Lauren and Peter have gone into hiding on Tatooine with their roommate and Resistance fighter, Nick "Muscles" Williams, as they await safe passage on the GR-75 transport ship, Alaska Air. There they will continue to study the ways of the "Shuffle", in the hope of restoring peace and order to the galaxy..........

Save the date for Hit That Jive's first Balboa workshop weekend!

Shuffle: A Balboa Story! 
Starring Lauren Smith and Peter Flahiff
Produced by Hit That Jive Productions
Directed by Julie Kiraly
Director of Photography, John Marian
Filmed on location in Old Strathcona at the Strathcona Community League
Special thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for sponsoring Hit That Jive projects. 

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Hit That Jive Productions is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton. 

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