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Autumn Rhythm 2015

  • MacEwan University Swing Dance Club 10045 156 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB, T5P 2P7 Canada (map)

That's right guys! Macewan University Swing Dance Club and Hit That Jive Productions are bringing Autumn Rhythm back!

This just in:

We will have TWO full tracks over the weekend - Intermediate and Advanced - along with options for Solo Jazz, Air Steps, and a special Masters Class. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Your Instructors:

Miranda Dasu Longaker! 
Flight attendant by day, international Lindy Hopper by night, Miranda dove into the Swing dance community while studying music at the University of Colorado at Boulder back in 2005 and has been infatuated ever since. While Lindy is her love, she adores all forms of American vintage dance and has a particular passion for several dances like St. Louis Shag, Solo Blues and Balboa. Over the years, Miranda has extensively studied human body kinetics through Alexander Technique which, combined with a true love for vernacular movement and improvisation, has led her to become one of the most skilled and dynamic solo dancers in the world.
Always looking for better ways to captivate, inspire, and connect with her audience, Miranda's classes are technique oriented, yet playful and imaginative. She believes that, to create an ideal learning environment, teaching must be a balance between enhancing natural movement and practical applications. Her effervescent personality will be seen dancing all over!

Read Fenton
Read has been dancing since 2008 and involved with the leadership and teaching of lessons in Edmonton since 2009. His infectious enthusiasm and love of Swing Dance history make his classes exciting and informative. He is the leader of the band 'Read and His Happy Hep Cats', runs the Edmonton swing dance school 'Let’s Swing', and is on the board for Hit That Jive Productions and Nova Blues. He is the founder of the Spring Fling Swing Dance Workshops and the Summer Solstice Swing Dance Festival, and the Edmonton Lindy Hop Showcase week long workshop.
Read regularly travels to large dance events. In 2013 he quit his job to go on a four month Swing Dancing road trip to San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland, Seattle, and Victoria. In 2014 while studying for his master’s in business he traveled to 23 dance events around the world including Frankie 100, five weeks in Herrang Dance Camp, and 4 months dancing in Seoul South Korea.

Phil Bourassa
Phil lives, breathes and occasionally eats Lindy Hop. In his unending search for the perfect swingout, Phil has travelled all over North America and Herrang, social dancing and competing against some of the Galaxy’s finest dancers. From the age of 7 when he put on mini magic shows at family gatherings, Phil has loved performing and usually never gives up the opportunity to dance in front of an audience. Hailing from Toronto, he is one of the founding members of the performance troupe That Swing! and is currently part of the cane and jazz duet, PB&J. He loves spreading his passion for the dance and is the co-owner of Bees Knees Dance, Toronto’s largest swing dance school. When he’s not out social dancing, teaching, DJing or performing, he.... Well, he doesn’t really do anything else. What is this Facebook device people keep talking about?

Julie Kiraly
Julie loves Lindy Hop. She loves the music, the rhythm, the partner connection, the social atmosphere, and pretty much everything else about this amazing dance. Lindy Hop is not only a passion for her, but a lifestyle that she has adopted, one that includes travel, learning, performing, teaching, and killer shoes. Lindy Hop has introduced her to some of her greatest friends and the best memories a dancer could hope for. Julie loves inspiring this passion in others, and doing her part to grow the Lindy Hop family. On the rare occasion that Julie is not on the dance floor, you may spot her alter-ego, Mooch, a clown character that also loves to dance.

Together Phil and Julie (also known as "Phulie") have taught workshops and classes in Edmonton and Toronto, and have competed and performed at dance events across Canada and in the U.S. They enjoy creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere in their classes, and continually strive to inspire their students. They are excited to return for Autumn Rhythm part deux.

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