Hit That Jive Productions

A Non-Profit Arts Organization

Promoting Social Dancing, Performance, and Theatre

About Our Organization

Hit That Jive Productions is an Edmonton-based non-profit arts organization that creates opportunities for dance and theatre artists to develop their craft and perform their work. We host dance and theatre workshops, festivals, social dances, special events, and provide coaching and performance opportunities for emerging and seasoned artists through our performance teams. Our projects invite performers and teachers from across the globe to work with our artists and perform for local audiences, specifically targeting growth in the Edmonton swing dance, and clown theatre and physical comedy communities. 

Swing Dance

Hit That Jive focuses on North American swing dance styles from the 1920s through 1950s, primarily Lindy Hop, but also including Charleston, Balboa, and Shag. Lindy Hop is an African-American Jazz Roots dance that began in Harlem, NY, in the 1930s, and most of these dances are African-American vernacular dances. They were and still are expressions of the trials and triumphs of the African-American community. We do not own these dances, and it our goal to celebrate them, their spirit, and their origins.

We celebrate these swing-era dances by running workshops, social dances, classes, performance teams, and other events. We host fun and inclusive events for dancers of all types and skill levels, and encourage everyone to tap into their creative expression through dance. 


The Play the Fool Festival is Edmonton’s artist-driven theatre festival that presents clown theatre and physical comedy performances. We bring together seasoned and emerging local, national, and international clown and physical theatre artists for performances that embrace risk, exploration, and play, and that showcase a diverse range of clown-based theatre styles to Edmonton audiences. Play the Fool presents all styles of clowning, including red nose, mask, dance comedy, bouffon, character pieces, comedy burlesque, acrobatics, slapstick, puppetry, and those that resist classification. As Western Canada’s only clown-based theatre festival, we provide a professional environment for artists in these styles to showcase their work. 


Working with artists and organizations in our community is important to us. We partner with local organizations for events and projects, including the University of Alberta's Swing-Out Edmonton Dance Club and Small Matters Productions

Hit That Jive Productions is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton. 

Hit That Jive Productions is also supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Government of Alberta.